‎”Past life”
this story was happened for one of our Eckist friend

 in this story you know that Master

can tell you about your pastlifes

even when you are awake.
“There was an Eckist from religious family,

in thier religion

they don’t belive that you can live again.

he was new chella

and he was so happy

about that and one day

when he wakeup from bed

and wants to go to the work

he thinking strongly about pastlife,

in the road he simply ask


plese tell me more about pastlifes I’m in doubt!…….

he was a seller that in kid’s shop,

almost in the morning there was no customer

so he was free

and reading one of Eck books.

in the noon he take the newspaper

and start to reading,

in this moment

one young woman and a little girl

coming into shop

so he want to serve them

but his partner say

I’m serve them and you feel free.

so he take the newspaper again and deeply read it,…….

are you reading newspaper? …..

eckist take a look

and see the little girl is in front of him,

he smiles and say:

yes dear I’m reading newspaper

and ask the child what is your name?….

. with little pause she says her name……

how old are you?……:

6years,I have 6 years old……..

are you going to kindergarten?

she says: No! I’m going to school …..

and her mother says:

she think knidergarten is school

…… and she hide behind her mother

and stare to eckist

 so eckist look at newspaper

again and don’t attention….

some second left

and a voice coming from his heart that say:

sing HU in your heart and look at her,….

he do that….. and this moment the littlegirl

is not normal!

she strongly stare at eckist

seems she remember something

and moving(shaking) herself

and come near and start to speak:

when I was so little

you was coming my home,

I was sleep and you hug me and kiss me…….

and in this moment

she say something in eckist ear

and eckist see an image in his mind:

two young man and woman

alone in the beach and little girl say again

(like a young woman that she reach her love

aftre too long years):

ohhhh…… my GOD

I’m so happy that I see you again…….

I was so cheerless……

thanks GOD that I see you again

(she repeating this sentences again

and again and with strong love

and happiness).

and eckist feeling love

all around his body

he isn’t in the earth

he can’t feel his legs

seems he don’ have any gravity

and little girl’s love cover all his body

outside and inside…..

few second left

and eckist want to stop this

so he try to say to littlegirl with his mind:

stop! don’t say this more,

and he ask to Mahanta to stop this…..

in the corner of shop

mother hear some of this says

and she want to go out and she take her girl

and going out, eckist take it easy and want to reduce mother agitation and says:

your girl is so dreamer!……………….

his partner is so confused:

what happened?!

and what was wrong with that littlegirl?!!……..

in the road to home

tears was all around his eyes,

he can not belive what happened,

he take several days to belive that….

one day in his room

he close his eyes and singing


with look at littlegirl face,

until Mahanta shows:

in the appartment

a same woman and a man

standing near each and

mahanta says: she wanted to live with you

but another man was come into her life

and she leave you. baraka bashad.


In the moment of One-ness

Mind feels a undoness 

In which Soul takes flight.

Out among the myriad stars

Into the vast eternal light

The peace, the Joy the Silence

Are the heart’s delight

I am who you are.

 HU a love song to God  

Upon awakening

It is so much more 

 different from arising.

When One has the Master’s love

There is peace and contentment

Is that so surprising.

The negative force

Would have us believe

We are not worthy 

Life is not worth the living

Just paining and grief.

With the guidance

of the Mahanta***

my Master my Friend.

Life is full of wonderment

Joy and peace

it goes so much

smoother and faster.  

Each moment a gift

Each lesson a treasure

Upon awakening

Is a life without measure.

May I walk with him

Till my journey’s end. 

***to know more about Mahanta, the Living ECK Master go to eckankar.org.

This poem is  dedicated to the Travelers and those who wait to welcome them HOME
Alone, you,  may think you are.
You are not.
Broken-hearted and longing
to be with the Beloved.
You are always with the Beloved.When in the moment you think
you are the most alone and broken
You are being carried 
on the Wings of Love. 

Enjoy the view, 
dear hearts.
You are the most 
BELOVED of the Beloved. 

On the Wings of LOVE.
of the Beloved 
(that means each

and every one
 all of you)
 There is  a glowing love
That cannot be held back 
that the earth plane
can not hold……….
This beautiful flame of 
glowing in the eyes of another
Beloved Traveler of the Beloved
Is how we find each and other
Lifetime after lifetime
In a circle of Love
Formed on the Wings of Love.  

Have you every wondered how we all get together    lifetime after lifetime

When you have been beautiful pearls together in a wonderful necklace….

You know…

When you see one another again….

Your heart sings

“Oh you are one of those.”

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