Until today.

I did not understand.

Until today.

I never ever knew.

Why I had the love

of wildness and wilderness.

Why I long for the wide open

spaces and the freedom

Of riding a horse

off into the sunset. 

I was the last to know.

I am one of  the Master’s

wild mustangs.

Love of freedom

is all to me.

Horses taught me that.

I had forgotten until today. 

As a young woman

I rode horses every chance I got.

One summer,  I worked in the main house

on a quarter horse ranch

The ranchers wife had a new baby.

I tended to her, the cooking and the cleaning

The laundry and the scrubbing,

I would do anything

to have the free time

in the afternoon 

To take one of the quarter horses

up into the hills

and dream my maiden’s dreams.

Today, some fifty years later

I watched a movie about horses

and remembered:

My love of freedom

My total immersion

of being one with nature

The horse and the Wind.

My chosen path

gives me that Freedom.

I ride the wind as free as a Mustang

On my way back to God.

I dream.  I do my spiritual exercises.

 Then  matter, energy space and time drop away.

I am truly one of the Master’s Mustangs.

I know you are one too.